Gomboce, vanilice, kitnikez pa sarmice od zelja, baklava, podvarak sa ćuretinom, gruvanica, belmuž, zeljanik – This old, Serbian dishes from North to South Serbia were found in the pages of book by Miodrag Ilic named "Traditional Serbian food and recipes".

What is inside of the book?


The book Traditional Serbian food and recipes represents a treasury of data, not only on the composition of dishes but also on a way of life that is disappearing slowly but irreversibly, the way of life including cooking for the family, with time necessary for slow preparation of dishes, when the whole family used to sit around the table and frozen or defrosted meals were unknown. As you turn the pages of this book and read the recipes, you will almost feel the aroma of these freshly prepared delicious dishes, and I hope that you will feel a wish to prepare some of these dishes to yourself and people who mean the most to you, and together with Miodrag Ilić you will make a step toward preservation of folk culinary tradition from being forgotten.”, Prof Dr Slađana Šobajić

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