Kristina Gaspar is “food blogger”, but she doesn’t like to be called like this. Kristina is founder culinary blog named “Domaćica za vas” (Housewife for you), and she is great expert and lover of cooking and food. He is the author of many recipes that have their deserved place, in famous magazines like the “Magazine” (Politika) and “Stvar ukusa” (Adria Media), Danas online, …

She is a vegetarian for many years and her main motto is: “Taste not to be discussed! De gustibus non est disputandum! ”

Inspiration finding everywhere. Even when she see some food on the market or the store, gets an idea and knows what to make of it, and then how to photograph it.

For Kristina, apparently, a dish (recipe), by itself, is not enough … She’s presentation, arrangement and combination, put in at least the same or higher priority.

For all other “bloggers”, the average photography, something “piled” on a plate, dark and blurry photo is something to be proud of … However, for Kristina this is unacceptable … For her compositions and good photo a result of serious work.