Rezanci sa makom = Noodles with poppy seeds, northern Serbia, Vojvodina

Rezanci sa makom = Noodles with poppy seeds
Region: Vojvodina
Period of recording: early 20th century
Preserved through time by: Kristina Gašpar
Photo by: Kristina Gašpar
Prepared by: Kristina Gašpar
Meal: dessert

Ingredients (for 4–6 persons):

400 g of wide noodles (pasta), 250 g of poppy seeds, 150 g of sugar, 3 dl of milk, 1 sachet/teaspoon of vanilla sugar.

Preparation time 30 minutes, cooking for about 30 minutes

Cook pasta according to directions on the packaging. Combine poppy seeds and sugar, and put this mixture to a stovetop heated to medium heat. Gradually add milk (you may need more milk depending on type of poppy seeds) and after it boils cook for several more minutes. Finally add vanilla sugar. Combine pasta and cooked poppy seed mixture.

Advice: For fasting days or vegan meals, use water instead of milk. You may add raisins to the noodles. You may also prepare this dish by just sprinkling (uncooked) ground poppy seeds and sugar or honey over the noodles. Adjust the amount of sugar to your preferences (poppy seeds may differ in bitterness).

Recommendation: Use home-made pasta.

Source: the book Traditional Serbian food and recipes