Team of authors working on the book named Traditional Serbian Cookbook

Traditional Serbian Cookbook is the future book, in the working intensively. Small author team gathered around of the portal Recepti i Kuvar online, collects and selects the old recipes that were created before the Second World War in this region.

Author team consists of: Miodrag Ilic, Author of the book; Professor Dr Sladjana Sobajic, the Author of the foreword and Associate; Dejan Ilic, Associate Editor and Cook editor; Kristina Gaspar, Associate Editor and Cook Editor.

All interested can still join: tips, tricks, posting photos of old recipes from old books or cookbooks, donations, sponsorships … all well-intentioned, who want to help this project, even minimal amounts of money, it can make through this link:

The tradition of Serbian cuisine is very old. One of the oldest Serbian cookbook was Srbski kuvar by Krusedol Monastery monk Jerotej Draganovic, published in 1855, in the Old Slavic language. One of the most educated people living at the end of 19th and the beginning of the 20th century, Sima Trojanovic (who was ethnologist),  published a book called Old Serbian Dishes and Beverages in 1896.

Srbski kuvar - Jerotej Draganović
Srbski kuvar – Jerotej Draganović

The list of such old collections of recipes, cookbooks, books on customs is very long. These books represent our primary motivation and driving force to start and finish this project underlain by the following idea: to preserve a part of the culinary and cultural heritage that came from our ancestors. In this book, you will find many old dishes which are now on the verge of being forgotten, which can be very rarely ordered in restaurants and are seldom prepared even within the family circles.

The project of gathering traditional recipes and publishing book Traditional Serbian cookbook is supported by the Serbian Chamber of Commerce.

Privredna komora Srbije
Privredna komora Srbije

The book content:

  • Foreword: the impact of traditional food on human health
  • Introduction: history of the traditional cuisine in Serbia
  • North Serbia – about 20 recipes
  • East Serbia – about 20 recipes
  • South Serbia – about 20 recipes
  • West Serbia – about 20 recipes
  • Central Serbia – about 20 recipes
  • Kosovo i Metohija
  • Conclusions

Team of authors, biography:

Profesor Dr Slađana Šobajić, stručni saradnik, autor predgovora Professor Dr Sladjana Sobajic, the Author of the foreword and Associate

Dr Slađana Šobajić is a professor at the Department of Bromatology, Faculty of Pharmacy-Belgrade University. She has become Master of Science in 1991 at the Faculty of Pharmacy, Belgrade University and received her PhD in 1996 at the same faculty. She received a ICN Galenika prize for the best PhD thesis in 1996.

At the Department of Bromatology dr Sladjana Šobajić participate in teaching undergraduate studies in the subjects Bromatology, Dietetics, and Food Safety Control, but also in postgraduate studies – specialisation and doctoral studies.

From 1996 dr Sladjana Šobajić participate in projects of the Ministry of Science, Technology and Development of Serbia. She is a co-author of 132 scientific papers, of which 26 papers are published in SCI indexed journals with impact factor and 35 papers in national journals.

Dr Šobajić is a member of the faculty council, participates in the work of ethical committee, and of doctorial commission.

The research interest of Dr Šobajić are in areas of food chemistry and dietary products, physiological, biochemical, health effects of ingredients; estimation of nutrients, additives and contaminants’ intake, lipidology, functional foods. Dr Slađana Šobajić is a president of Serbian Nutrition Society from 2008.

Dejan Ilić, stručni saradnik, gastro urednik Dejan Ilic, Associate Editor and Cook Editor

Dejan Ilic is a professional chef and carving master. Former professional sportsman, volleyball player, with a natural competitive spirit, engaged in the decoration of food (carving) 10 years ago, with great success. Numerous competitions and numerous medals, confirm that Dejan Ilic managed to unite the sporting spirit, the desire for success, talent, love, commitment and perseverance.

In Istanbul in 2014 won the first medals, two gold and one silver medal. That same year, he participated in competitions in Innsbruck and Sofia, and the most important competition was the World Cup in Luxembourg. In these competitions, he won a total of two gold, three silver and one bronze medal. In Luxembourg, at the World Cup, as the only representative of Serbia in the individual competition, won the silver medal, which is the first medal for Serbia in the carving on such a large event.

Kristina Gašpar, stručni saradnik, gastro urednik Kristina Gašpar, Associate Editor and Cook Editor
Kristina Gaspar is “food blogger”, but she doesn’t like to be called like this. Kristina is founder culinary blog named “Domaćica za vas” (Housewife for you), and she is great expert and lover of cooking and food. He is the author of many recipes that have their deserved place, in famous magazines like the “Magazine” (Politika) and “Stvar ukusa” (Adria Media), Danas online, …

She is a vegetarian for many years and her main motto is: “Taste not to be discussed! De gustibus non est disputandum! ”
Inspiration finding everywhere. Even when she see some food on the market or the store, gets an idea and knows what to make of it, and then how to photograph it.

For Kristina, apparently, a dish (recipe), by itself, is not enough … She’s presentation, arrangement and combination, put in at least the same or higher priority.

For all other “bloggers”, the average photography, something “piled” on a plate, dark and blurry photo is something to be proud of … However, for Kristina this is unacceptable … For her compositions and good photo a result of serious work.

Miodrag Ilić, autor knjige Miodrag Ilić, Author of the book
Miodrag Ilic is the initiator and chief editor of the portal “Cookbook Recipes and online”, which is registered online media, and the Director of the company “Linkom-PC” Ltd. which is the founder of the portal.

Linkom-PC Ltd is a company has been present for 20 years on the IT market in the region, although micro-companies by size, leaving an very recognized mark with their engagement and participation in major IT projects.

The result of all this are two significant awards in IT Awards 2014: Certificate of Excellence – IT innovation of the year, Certificate of Excellence – Special award for contribution to IT Infrastructure, awarded by IT Awards jury, headed by Professor Dr Dragan Cosic, in the international competition of IT projects.

Portal “Recepti i Kuvar online”, after only two years of operation, received a prestigious award named TOP 50, which means that the portal ranked in the top 50 websites in Serbia for 2015, according to the jury of PC Press magazine.

In early 2017, the portal Recepti i Kuvar online, by Miodrag Ilić launches campaign to collect traditional recipes, the origin of which must be before the Second World War. This project, as unusually important for the preservation of intangible cultural traditions of the people who live in these regions, institutional and organizational supported by the Serbian Chamber of Commerce:

“Traditional recipes of the local cuisine is an important part of the intangible cultural heritage of each nation. The list of elements of the intangible cultural heritage of the Republic of Serbia, in addition to traditional crafts, folklore songs and dances, with naive painting of Slovaks, there are Belmuž, production of Pirot cheese, pazarske mantije (traditional method of preparation of pies in Novi Pazar). These elements are vital to the preservation of national identity, and are also an integral part of various tourism products.

A project to collect and promote traditional Serbian cuisine home recipes through the portal Recepti i Kuvar online and book publishing Traditional Serbian Cookbook, will bring new elements into the tourist offer of Serbia. We estimate that will allow better visibility of cultural, culinary and customary history of this area, which will aim to better information of individuals and businesses in the country and abroad. “

This project and actions will end with the release of the book Traditional Serbian Cookbook, at the end of 2017 and beginning of 2018.

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